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The Girl Who Stole The Cookie Jar

The girl who stole the cookie jar took hold of the chocolates too.

The candies, the pastries and the cola coated cakes

have been taken as well.

The doughnuts have been held hostage,

the eggs, spam, ham and the sausages…..

…have all gone, with the wind.

Alas! The honey bread, the jellybean, have been taken too.

Oh that girl! That mischievous girl!

She’ll be stealing more cookie jars once I’m done baking

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Cross My Heart

I did not take it, I swear

You can check my pockets

My hands, even behind my ears

You can check under the table or the light sockets

I did not take it, I tell you


You can check under the stairs

Or even on my bed

Try near the chairs

Or even the shed

You won’t see it on me ’cause I didn’t take it


I did not take the cookie from the cookie jar

I swear, cross my heart

I found it on the plate

And now it’s in my stomach