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I am not perfect

And I don’t want to be
Nothing and no one is ever perfect, you see
Not him, not her, not you, not me

If you ever think I am
Then you’re scaring me away
Because I can’t give you that, not tomorrow, not today
Not like this or in any way

Sorry to burst your bubble,
Sorry I’m being truthful,
Sorry for your trouble,
But I am not that wonderful

Don’t ever think me perfect
Don’t expect me to be that terrific
I am just this simple girl
No more, no less

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Look back and look at me

Tell me what do you see?

For I have so many things in mind right now


I try to clear my mind

Feels like there’s something I need to find

But I really don’t know


I’m covered in mud from head to toe

I’m so lost don’t know what to do and so

I stare up at the ceiling and cry