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Color of Morning

Hues of orange splash the sky

Splattered like magnificent painting greeting the early commuters off to work

I sigh a little as I saw only a glimpse of it

I wanted to pause the moment before the busy day and just bask in awe under it

The sun showing its glow but not quite the full show

I take a photo of it in my mind and I smile inwardly thinking how beautiful the day will be

©Maria Michaela

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Like Balloons

Like balloons I am colourful outside

But sensitive and fragile inside.

Playful, captivating, alluring

Also intelligent, insensitive, and all too caring.

Like balloons, I can be fun

Yet I can also be glum.

I burst and pop out joy

And also suddenly deflate and be annoyed.

I can be a pop of red or a subtle green

But also be blue and gray and in between.

I can be as put together like a bouquet,

But also, like balloons I often float away.

©Maria Michaela

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The Sun Is Set

I look up and I see up ahead

The sun is burning brightly orange and red

A hint of purple and blue

Yes, I see those colors too.

Beyond the horizon, the sun is leaving

But its beauty still radiating

Cooler breeze is now blowing

As the sun is slowly setting.

©Maria Michaela

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What Is The Color Of Christmas?

Is it red like the poinsettia?
Or white like snow?
Is it golden like the sandy beach?
I’m not sure how I’d know.

Is it blue as the sky?
Or pitch black like the night?
Could it be brown as your eyes,
Gazing at the sunlight?

Maybe it’s green as the grass,
Or yellow like sunrise.
Then again, it could be purple
Or pink like a great surprise!

Whatever it may be,
I know it’s very colorful

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Like Color

She is grey.

black and white

Dormant red that has faded


She becomes blue

though her eyes are elegant brown.

Stare into them,

green as can be


She can be sunshine yellow

ah, pink tulips so dear

No perfection in purple.

She can be elegantly colorful

but prefers to be subtle white.


She comes into being

before fading into the background

And she is grey, once again