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Stars Hide

Cloudy night the stars hide

Not even a peek


I look up and wonder

Do they look down and stare in awe

Like how I am when I see them?


The stars whisper behind the clouds

I wonder what they talk about


Are they planning something special for me?

Surprise me as they always do!

Can’t wait for the clouds to leave

So I can party once more with the stars

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Mostly Cloudy

I wanted to play out in the sun

Except it was cloudy which spoiled the fun

It started to drizzle and began to rain

My wish for sunny skies was in vain

I played with my dog and started to draw

Played the guitar, drank juice with a straw

Watched a movie, wrote a poem

Did an experiment and my fish started glowin’

But still it wasn’t a lovely mornin’

I have nothing to do inside

I longed the outside, so I cried

I played Warcraft and Sudoku

Chess, Scrabble and tic-tac-toe

Turned the videoke and started singing

Played a beat and started dancing

What a boring day it was, all because the sun wasn’t out

The clouds wanted to stay and float about

So I did nothing except all of that

Because of those pesky clouds and their whatnot

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out of nowhere it came.

the uninvited guest came without notice, without warning

it poured, droplets at first

then like a storm wrecking havoc, it washed away

every aspect of happiness, every memory

every smile

bit by bit it tore down flesh and blood

insides churned and suddenly the world was quite

as if it shifted and ended, just because

the rain clouds were upon you

I know, I was there

I saw