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I Didn’t Call

He waited

Or did he?

Tick tock goes the clock

I sat there

Phone on the table

I didn’t want to

Or maybe just couldn’t.

The phone and I sat there

While on the other side, he waited

5 More Minutes

Evening came and I didn’t want to sleep

But when morning arrived

I didn’t want to wake up just yet

“Five more minutes”, I said just before I slept

And I repeated those lines when the alarm went off.

“Five more minutes. Spare me a little bit more.”

As the alarm goes off again

Pitik-pitik, murag kasing-kasing nga naga pitik

Dagan, perming nag dagan

Lihok, perming nag lihok

Pero walay hawa-hawa sa lugar

Naggunit sa oras apan dili kaniya ang oras



Tick-tock, like a heart ticking

Running, always running

Moving, always moving

But never going anywhere, always just in one place

It holds time yet it doesn’t own time



The time ticks

Tick tock, tick tock

Winding up

Winding down

Turning around 

How do you keepup with time?

Chime bells chime

As they ring rang ring
Here them sing!
They are all excited as the night reaches its midway point
They count down for the festivities
And I, can’t wait myself

The Clock

Oh midnight by day!
No other words I can say
Here I am once more
Trying to settle the score
I am tired and sore
But still I try just like before

It is never easy when darkness falls
When the bed over yonder calls
My eyes I shut
But I know with my gut
My brain will not allow it
For it always, always forbids it

I lie down staring at nowhere
Wondering why sleep never found me here


Spin the dial spin it fast

It rotates here , it rotates there

Counterclockwise it goes

Up and down, down and up

Every which way

It can get a whole lot of crazy

At times, it never goes the way you planned


Remember though, it’s counterclockwise

and vice versa

What goes around comes around

What’s up goes down

And down back up again

Just like clockwork

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What has to happen will happen...

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