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The What If That Got Away

I’ve never been the first choice

That’s the truth

And that’s why it hurts
I’m always the what if

The maybe

The possibly

The last choice
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I hope

That I too was the could have been

The would have been

The first pick

The one that got away

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It’s My Choice

I am hard to understand, so better not try to

Not many can see what I can

I am considered a freak of society 

Because I choose to be single

At an age that many are already settled.
My being settled is different from most

And I know it’s hard to comprehend

My relationship status is not bounded or dictated by society

It’s just what I choose

I choose me

And others fail to see that.

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I Would Rather

It’s hard for most people to fathom or understand 

But I would rather be the old maid that’s happy

The one smiling and walking the streets merrily 
I would rather be single in my late twenties

Than settle and be regretful in my sixties

I would rather keep to myself if there is no one

Rather than throw myself to anyone
So yes, I would rather that you leave me alone

Because you’re not the one, no, not at all

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Neither Roads

Oh to love and be loved!

Isn’t that grand!

And here I am now, at a cross roads

Neither roads are meant to be

Yet a choice is needed still

Until such time, both roads will disappear


See one continues to sweep me off my feet

But the other, makes my heart skip a beat effortlessly

I tread this path I know I shouldn’t

Because I know all too well

That neither roads

Can bring any luck

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Choosing Choices

Choices you make

Choices you take

Can bring you happiness

And sometimes sadness

You may end up in a road block

But that does not mean you’re stuck

Just get right back and turn around

You’ll see more choices abound

What’s important is you do your part

Give it time and give it with all your heart

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Til The Day I Die

I will love

Love unconditionally

Love fully

Love true and whole heartedly

Until the day I die


I will live

Live each day and choose to be happy

Live with few regrets

Live to the fullest

Until the day I die


I will laugh

Laugh hard

Laugh until I’m numb

Laugh until I’m black and blue

Until the day I die


I will be thankful

I won’t be bitter

Won’t be a hater, not much

I refuse to dwell on negativity

I choose you

I choose to be happy

I choose to stay positive

All these and much more

Until the day I die