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Choosing Choices

Choices you make

Choices you take

Can bring you happiness

And sometimes sadness

You may end up in a road block

But that does not mean you’re stuck

Just get right back and turn around

You’ll see more choices abound

What’s important is you do your part

Give it time and give it with all your heart

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Til The Day I Die

I will love

Love unconditionally

Love fully

Love true and whole heartedly

Until the day I die


I will live

Live each day and choose to be happy

Live with few regrets

Live to the fullest

Until the day I die


I will laugh

Laugh hard

Laugh until I’m numb

Laugh until I’m black and blue

Until the day I die


I will be thankful

I won’t be bitter

Won’t be a hater, not much

I refuse to dwell on negativity

I choose you

I choose to be happy

I choose to stay positive

All these and much more

Until the day I die

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A Sad Reality

We started as friends but something happened inside me, that’s how the song goes

Yet this separation is killing me

All my fears arose, all my woes

Still I hope and I pray

That we don’t forget even if we part ways

Let me face the sad reality of not being close to you like before but please

Just don’t shut me out completely

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Outside looking in

Inside looking out

The grass is greener on the other side

Only to find out that the grass is the same after all


Life is beautiful; life is awful

Work is tiresome or work is fun

Be contented and be happy

Or want what you don’t have and be sad

Its all a matter of which side you choose to look at

Life is a matter of choices

And the choice is up to you

So, what do you choose to be today?