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That Time Of The Month

She curled up like a ball

Didn’t care of the world at all.


It hurt and made her cranky

Anxious and often angry.


She also gets so moody

All because it’s the time of month to be bloody.


Her cravings grow stronger

She can’t fight it any longer.


Chocolate is her comfort

It eases the discomfort.


She massages her aching abdomen to ease the pain

And wishes she could just stay in bed all day again.

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Dark Chocolate

Like dark chocolates, you’re not that sweet
But then you’re not bitter either
You’re someone I’ve always wanted to meet
Someone who wouldn’t make me feel like an outsider

Like dark chocolates, you are mysterious
A little on the side of being too serious
And like dark chocolates, you understood
You always seem to lift my mood

I happen to like dark chocolates
Maybe that’s why I like you