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Love Has Never Been Warm To Me

Love has never been warm to me

Its icy cold breath has always been breathing down on me.

Others boast of warm fresh breeze

But I’ve only been able to feel its chills.

Love has given sunshine, smiles, and rainbows to others

But it has only given me a cold shoulder.

Maybe I offended it before.

Maybe it wanted me to do more.

Maybe I could try and break the ice.

Maybe I haven’t been too nice.

Maybe I’m really just afraid

For love to be warm to me.

©Maria Michaela

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I’ll Patch You Up

the current was strong and the water was chilly

the night air felt like daggers on his skin

morning light a hundred hours away

he was shaking…not of fear

not from cold, but because of misery


the breeze hit his hardened face

his jaw locked and his shoulders hunched

lost was he in a highway of sadness

darkened and scarred

hope thrown out of the window

his tears all dried up


I’ll show you the sunlight

I’ll protect you from the cold of night

whatever you have broken,

I’ll patch it all up