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The Sea Is My Home

I feel at ease and calm

The sea, it helps me be calm.

Time is slower there and all worries are washed away

Sitting on the beach soaking the salty air makes it the best day!

My toes dig deep on the sand

This place couldn’t be more grand.

I take a dip and swim all the stress away

This is quite a nice getaway.

©Maria Michaela

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He Fell

Oh my what a mess this is!

I’m playing but looks like he fell

See I’m in no hurry and so is he

But he’s dead beat serious 

While I’m just chillin’

No frillies, no butterflies 

No chills down the spine

No spark, not even a firefly
Feelings grow strong but it can fall apart

I’m sure I’ll break him when the time comes

But my goodness I wonder if he knows

How far he’s fallin’ already

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October Sky

Radiant beams of sunlight

Dipping through the horizon

Very early the sun sleeps


The night covers the world

for the longest time

Blankets it with a cold, chilling breeze

Yet this is all welcoming


The trees move and change

together with the sky

Days shorter, nights longer

All start to make way

Welcoming a new day

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This Is Your Day

choose a day to rest

and let your worries fall

don’t waste your time and energy

on things and people who let you down


let go of negativity, for today is your day

to shine, to enjoy, to feel beautiful

to relax and to be re-energized