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Face Me, Prince Charming 

I’ve walked this earth for twenty-eight years

I’ve seen happiness, I’ve seen tears.

I’ve climbed mountains, swam seas

Seen butterflies and the bees

Yet, you….elusive and unseen

You are somewhere still, where I have yet to begin.

I wonder if you do exist

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She was, she is, and always will be

She keeps her hair messy
just because she can
She can look real pretty
but of that she’s not a fan

She would be brilliant with make up on
but she hates it when people stare
So she carries herself with almost no color on
she feels more lovely with her face bare

She can be predictable, sweet and charming
but she can also be a mystery, fiery, and annoying

She is all and nothing too
No one can understand her
Not really,
Not even you

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The Charm

There is something about….

…’re just not sure

maybe the way the eyes move

or the stare or the look

There is something about….

….the move, the walk

like gliding on air, so smooth

but not pretending to be cool

There is something about….

….the smile, the laugh

so calm, so friendly

calling out to you

and drawing you near

There’s really something about….

….don’t know what

some kind of magic,

some kind of warmth

that attracts you the way it does