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Chapter 2016

This chapter is almost through 

Only a couple more pages left to fill

Another year and something new

And maybe some more coffee spills.
Add more colors to end the chapter right

Smile from the heart, to brighten up the night.
And as one chapter ends,

Another begins

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The End

Thank you for the lesson
Thank you for the time
I’ve learned to fall
And then stand tall
I broke my bones
And scrapped my elbow
But I got through it all
Well, what do you know?

I used to hope
I refused to see
Now I’ve discovered the best in me
Happier I am now and soon I hope you will too
I am closing your chapter
Thank you for the laughter
I cried a lot but it was all good
For I discovered myself through the process

Thank you again
I wish you well
This is were we end

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A Chapter Of Our Story

He isn’t tall or well-built

We are of same height

Looking at him, I’m filled with guilt

For I keep hidden my true feelings for him


A friendship it was

One I did not expect to happen

Far more I did not expect to fall

He is the first I have fallen for

Really fallen for


I really don’t know why

But I have stopped asking myself

All I know is the butterflies they talk about in books and movies

I only experienced with him


What makes him special among the rest, you ask?

Simple really

He is the one I have fallen in love with