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Too Good

GC and Sue’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge is Cash or Card.

The dinner was great
And so was her date
She was hesitant at first
Thinking of the worst
But a gentleman he has been
She was liking what she's seen

Slowly eating her ice cream chocolate
She was thinking of their next date
The waiter then came over with the bill
And her date sat there still
He then said, "such a funny thing.
I neither have cash nor card. I hope you don't mind paying."
She thought to herself, "Well. There drops the other shoe."
She should've known he was too good to be true.

© Maria Michaela
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Before The Net

Do you remember life before the internet?

It seemed time was slower before the internet

People took time to look up, look around and be present

Face to face conversations were common

Photos where taken and developed

While also developing real connections

It wasn’t all peachy and sunny

But it seemed life was simpler then

© Maria Michaela

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Plenty of Space

Image credit; EvgeniT @ Pixabay

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a person holding a bright lamp in their right hand, standing alone facing a sky lit with the light of the setting sun. The night sky is making its presence known too.

Sometimes we get caught up in our own little world

Feeling the walls are closing in

But then we see just how wide the world is

And realise, that the walls are only in our mind

There is plenty of space to breathe

© Maria Michaela

For Sadje’s What Do You See #188


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Morning Buzz

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on Earth. Then I ask myself the same question.” – Harun Yahya.

The sun came out and woke me with its soft light

The sunrise I saw outside was out of sight!

I was filled with much delight

And I saw a bird go and take flight

The flowers bloomed, pretty like a gem

And butterflies softly kissed them

It was as if I was in a dream

Bees buzzing, hummingbirds humming, perfect morning it seems

©Maria Michaela
When I saw the prompt, I automatically thought of this song.

For GC and Sue’s Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge Birds n Bees.

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Mom’s Necklace

We do not have heirlooms

Nothing much we can pass down to generations to come

But mom has this necklace

She bought back in the day

This was pawned so many times

To help make ends meet, that was her way

I keep this close, as I see in it the hardship and struggles she faced

And how she overcame them all

My dad was away most of the time, the military life it was

But mom kept the family strong and steady

And so I hold this necklace dearly

Its worth is more than any gold or diamond in the world

This priceless necklace, I told her I'd keep

She happily gave it to me knowing I'd keep it safe

© Maria Michaela
My mom’s necklace. I asked her some years back if I could have it and she was happy to give it to me. I don’t like jewelleries but this one is an exception.

“Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. The past is never dead, it is not even past.” William Faulkner.

This week the Wednesday Challenge on Sue and GC’s site is Heirlooms.

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I Feel Cold

How do you feel about cold weather?

In a tropical country, summers can be hot, hot, hot

So I welcome the cold weather as it often hits the spot

If it happens to be cold on a weekend, all the better!

Snuggling in bed or put on some sweater

Hot mug of coffee, such a delight

Yes! That sounds just right

But should it be cold on a beach day

I wouldn’t like it much, I must say

As long as it’s not too cold, I’d welcome it with open arms

I always fall for the cold’s wonderful charms

© Maria Michaela

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Can We Go Now?

Image credit; Grin @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a Frenchie dog sitting and poses while wearing a fanny pack.

I'm ready to go

Got everything set

But my hooman is taking too long and moving too slow

I might not take her walking in the future

© Maria Michaela

For Sadje’s What Do You See #187

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Lead On

Don’t make me fall for you if you don’t mean for me to

Do not give me false hope for I just might cling to it

Tell me straight here and now

Or I might wait for the rest of my life

I’m leaving the door open

It’s yours for the taking

But only if you truly want to

© Maria Michaela

For GC and Sue’s Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge The Door

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I see you’re thinking about something
The wheels in your head are turning
You stop and stare at the ceiling
Maybe trying to think of a proper wording

You come to me
Puppy dog eyes I see
No words used yet for your plea
And then you speak ever slowly

Day by day I know you’re learning
The wheels in your head are turning
Without you yet saying
I already know you did a naughty something

So here you are trying to say you’re sorry

© Maria Michaela

Photo of my younger brother. He was about 3 years old here.

My younger brother used to be so scared and angry at me when I disciplined him back in the day. I was (and still am) the strict older sister. Even my older brothers get an earful when needed 😂. This poem is inspired by him as well as my niece and nephews when they do something they weren’t supposed to. 😁

This week the Wednesday Challenge on Sue and GC’s site is Wheels.

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That’s True Love

Image credit; Alisa Dyson @ Pixaby

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a young boy holding the face of a woman in his small hands and smiling affectionately at her.

Mother looks at her child with the deepest, truest love

Child gazes back knowing he is safe and loved beyond compare

© Maria Michaela

For Sadje’s What do you see # 186