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Your Shoulder

Cherry lips I don’t have
But they speak nothing but praise for you
I am not as graceful as a princess
Yet I can be the gentle arm that catches you when you fall
A pretty face I do not have
But a heart full of love can give you good cheer
Know this and be not afraid
You have me, your shoulder

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Your Fall

Cry until it breaks you down

Scream until your soul tires

Hold your breath until you’re blue

Do all this and let it all go


Break the chains that bind you

Free your mind from fear and inferiority

Barriers are meant to be blown up to bits

Let your imagination run free


Bruises are part of the struggle

Place a bandage and you’re good to go

They will bleed you to death

And take everything from you

My hand is here to help you up


A friend indeed is what I am

I will be here to catch your fall

So together we shall rise

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Catching Stars

I hold my hands out and stretch my arms

to try to catch each one and place them as one of my bracelet charms

One for love, one for luck

One for happiness where I always get stuck

I stick my tongue out, like catching snow

that feeling like there’s no tomorrow


It falls on my head, brings a smile on my face

their light shines bright and leaves a trace

I share them with the fireflies, who are more than willing

paying each one with a shilling


So I stretch my arms and I catch those stars

after all they’ve travelled all the way from Mars