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I wonder if I’d ever fall again

I wonder if that will ever come

Right now I am not looking for it

If it will never come, I won’t mind at all

Fall To Someone 

I hope to fall in love someday

To someone who I can talk about everything

To someone I can trust

To someone who can love me for a lifetime

To someone who will only love me more

A Million Ways To…..

There are a million ways in this world

To say you care

To show your love

To be someone’s hero

To know you are blessed
But for the many reasons I can’t tell

Why there’s one reason you and I fell apart

The Past

I wanted you but you didn’t

I wanted to hope but I couldn’t

I wanted love but lost it

You broke my heart.
I took the leap but you stayed behind

I gave my heart but you were unkind

I was hurt

But you didn’t care.
I was all that but that was before

Because now I have moved on.

©Maria Michaela

Makes Me Rhyme

I hate that I love you

I hate that I care

I hate that I’m hurting

I hate it, I swear
I hate the way you make me smile

I hate that I’m still waiting

I hate being so close to you

I hate that I am aching 
I hate hearing your name

It should be good as committing crime

I hate hating you because…

Hating you makes me rhyme 

Whatever troubles you had yesterday.
I told the rainbow to stop your tears and hear your cries
By sharing its colors to remove your grey skies.
I told the sun to keep you warm and to brighten up
To make your shivering stop.

I hope you know I truly care,
But to show to you, this I don’t dare.
I don’t have the right to care so much for you
But I hope you know, when you’re down I’m blue.
And so I told Mother Nature to show her care
I think it’s only right, I think it’s only fair.


Life can surprise you at any time

So can circumstances

So can people


When emotions overflow

You go into overdrive

A whirlwind of craziness runs through your mind


People can be very surprising too

And moments like that are treasure

Care and love overflows

Unexpected people remind you that you are not alone


No matter how unexpected the situation might be

God sends his angels for extra comfort

And unexpectedly, he is one of them

Then you find yourself unexpectedly smiling

Simply knowing the person you least expected cares and loves you true

…And I Always Will Be

When time shows the age in your face

When your bones creak and youth has been a phase

I’ll take care of you

The same way as you took care of me


When the world makes you feel like ancient history

And puts you aside like worn out tapestry

I’ll be there to care of you

Just like you did for me


When all you do is reminisce of the past

The stories of old, some were too good to last

I’ll listen to each and every tale over and over again

The same way you listened to me before


I’ll be there for you

I’ll take care of you

I’m here for you

And I always will be

When A Mother Loves

Take care of yourself for me for I can’t always be where you’re at

Do watch out when you cross the street, make sure to look both ways

Don’t start a fight but if you must, end it

When you go out and have fun, don’t stay up so late

Call me when you need a hand, a shoulder to cry on

Or at anytime you just want to talk

I’m never busy for you, I hope you’re not too

Take your vitamins to keep yourself healthy

Try not to work so hard and make sure you have enough sleep

You know you can always run to me

I will be here….waiting for you

Until then,

– Mother –


who has an idea?


no one has the time anymore


everyone is so busy


people don’t know how to


does anyone know what they’re talking about?


I doubt, mostly infatuation these days


gets lesser everyday

Who has an idea what time it is?

It seems everybody is too busy to listen,

And because they talk too much

They forget that to love is also to care

Oh don’t mind me…I’m realy just ranting

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