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When Monday Never Came

People were wondering what could have happened

For some strange reason, Monday never came.


Tuesday was present, jubilant as ever

Waving here and there, welcoming a wonderful day

“Good day! Good day!”, it just kept saying


Thursday was looking ’round

Surprised to see so many gathered

It didn’t stay long and left in a hurry

Shouting, “Friday’s almost here!”


Sunday peeped but changed its mind

Instead, out came Saturday looking a little dazed.

It walked slowly, talked slurred

Could not walk a straight line

It held a coffee mug on one hand

And merely smiled at the onlookers


Wednesday was grand,

he kept shaking people’s hand

It was as if he won the election

“Middle of the week!”, he exclaimed

“You’re almost there.”


Now, Sunday was shy so outgoing Friday came out with it

They held hands and stood in the middle of the crowd

“Where is Monday?”, the people asked

Sunday replied, “well, he always comes right after me, so he may be coming anytime soon.”

“He always comes before me, I’m sure he’s just around”, was Friday’s reply.


On and on the week came and went

But Monday was nowhere to be found

It was as if he disappeared or just didn’t make a sound

“Manic Monday will surely come”, the people kept on saying

But it would seem it won’t be anytime soon

As Monday never came

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When Death Came Knocking

When death came knocking at my door, I thought that I was ready

I thought that I would be able to face him head on

He knocked and knocked and knocked again

But I cowered in fear

I shook and I was frightened. I yelled for him to go away

Yet, he never did

He knocked even harder and called out my name

I was even more frightened!

I said I wasn’t ready, I said I didn’t want to go

And then I realized something

No one is ever ready, we are all but humans

When death knocked for the Nth time

My whole body was shaking, trembling

The knocking stopped, and the door burst open

Here was death in front of me

No black robe or scythe

His faace was plain, it wasn’t a skull but a full human-like face

He was looking down at me…..smiling


He said,

“People never welcome me when I come.

They fear not me but what would become of them

after this life. I find it peculiar since they know

that it’s inevitable. They often say that they’re not ready.

Always clinging to worldly possessions, or is it that

they’re afraid that the place they’ll go is not up there but somewhere below? ”

He was silent for a moment and just stared at me

And then I asked, “Is it my time?”

He replied, “I am just a messenger. I only come when I am told.

I know not when your time will be, but it will come someday.”

He continued on and told me it was not my time, yet.

He was merely visiting.

He reminded me that if I kept my faith, did good deeds

and believed in God, there was nothing to fear.


I cannot say for certain, that after his visit

I will be ready for him once the time comes.

However, he taught me a lot and I think I won’t be as scared

When he comes again on that day, whenever it  is,

I think I’ll offer him a cup of coffee.