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And Then There Were None

A cake, 

Soft, moist, sumptuous 

Oh my! Delicious!

I ate a slice,

Then another

A third and maybe last 

Then had another

I didn’t notice and I didn’t mean to

But the cake disappeared! 

All of a sudden

A mystery it was

It was there beautiful and mouthwatering 

And then so quickly, there were none

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A Slice 

I want a slice of cake for each struggle

A slice of pie for each sadness

A bit more of both just because I feel like sulking

And prefer to eat more than talking

A slice of cake for happiness

A slice more for craziness

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I Ate It All

I ate the cake that my mother baked

and I told her I was full

But when I saw the roasted beef,

I felt that I wanted more.


So I ate the roast beef and a little bit of ham

with a bit of donut, jelly and spam

My mother looked at me and wondered

if my stomach would soon explode


Thankfully it didn’t, so I drank some apple juice

and then perhaps I’ll try the goose

Not much was left right after supper

if I didn’t thought of my family,

I would have eaten it all