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Struck By Lightning

Out of nowhere it came, surprised I was for I didn’t see it coming

Not a sound it made ; not a buzz, not a humming

It took a while before I could make sense of what happened

For a moment I lost consciousness as my knees quivered and weakened

The Earth shook and I saw the spark of light

The tree turned to dust and everything remained still that night

I felt numb as a surge of electricity flowed through me

I was a bit scared since for a brief second I could not see

Shock, then paralysis swallowed me whole

I felt my body separate from my soul


It can be quite frightening

to be struck by lightning

At least that’s how I feel

Now that you’ve made me fall for you

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The Passerby

I am just a passerby

I’m here one day and gone the next

I go from one city to the other, stopping only for a while

I move from here to there

My home is everywhere and anywhere

I am both a familiar face and a stranger

I leave a mark

Yet it can go unnoticed to many

But it will leave a mark to those who truly matter

I breathe the air…… could be my last

or not, maybe tomorrow

All I know is I’m here now but will be gone….someday

For I am and you are…..

We are all just passersby

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Greeted by the Stars

I came out today for a very early walk and I looked up to the sky

I see the stars up above, twinkling so beautifully

This morning is quite lovely as there are no clouds

to hinder me from seeing the wonderful stars

I count the stars and see one, two, three

all of them looking down at me

I walk a little further with my big Labrador

Pause again for a moment and look up to the sky once more

I look a little closer and then I see

more stars are coming out to greet me

I stand there looking up still amazed by their beauty

and it seems my dog too is in awe

The silence of dawn is serene

I take a deep deep breath and feel the air

I found a spot, where I can sit

and gaze at the stars once more

They all seem so far away yet their greeting reaches me

I feel warm inside despite the cold breeze

So lovely are the stars, wonderful creation of God

and lovely as can be

More and more seem to be coming out now

To bid the world and me, a truly amazing day