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No Butterflies

No butterflies but I know I like you
Not even the slightest touchy feeling
I check myself from time to time
But I know there really isn’t

I like being around you
The sight of you is joy to me
Being close to you is wonderful
But still no butterflies

The butterflies don’t gauge my real emotions
But I think I know why there is none of it
Because I’m afraid to get ahead of myself
When the uncertainty and the unknown
Is quite obvious

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I may be on the verge of falling again

But I know better than to be in a hurry
I’d like to take it slow this time
I’d like to know me more.

I’d like not to assume so much
Or try and over think things.
I’d like to see if I can truly gauge
The feelings of the opposite.

No butterflies yet and I know better than to expect it now
But if he can be the one, then why not?
Maybe he is….but most likely, he isn’t

Maria Michaela

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Her Feelings

She sat there
She saw him
He saw her
She felt nothing

He came near
He said “hi”
She was surprised he knew her name
Surprised he still remembered her
She felt shy

Many years passed he didn’t forget her
Said he saw pictures of her
She didn’t know what to say
She felt awkward

He kept stealing looks at her
She noticed
She put it off, it was nothing
She was just over her head
He wanted to talk to her

She got dressed
He left for the event
She wished he got to see her first
She looked beautiful
She wanted him to say it

They saw each other again
He came to her
She spoke first
He smiled
He might have been amazed at how she looked
She felt butterflies

She wanted to say something more
And so did he
But there were other guests
So they moved a bit away from each other
He wanted to talk to her some more
Spend more time with her
She felt happy they spoke

A list!
Were they partners?
Sadly not
Her partner was fun
But she wanted it to be him
He noticed they had a good laugh
He looked back at them
She pretended not to notice
He was jealous?
Maybe…just a little

The ceremony went on
He was here and there
They never got to chat again
She wanted to
Maybe him as well?

He sang songs
He sang well
His sister was now married
Her bestfriend was now married
But they never got to chat again

Will they see each other again?
When? Definitely not soon
He sang, the last song she heard him sing
She wished he sang it for her
And maybe…just maybe, he did
But sure, oh for sure!
What she felt wasn’t nothing