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The usual noise of the city beats

Not heard of today.

Today, empty are the streets

Lazy was the day.

The usual crowd are not seen

They’ve taken their long weekends

Such a change of scene.

The busy city is silent.

©Maria Michaela

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Daily Grind

Try to fall asleep

Alarm on

Doze off

Alarm sounds

Wake up

Alarm off

Breakfast? Maybe

Coffee? Yes!

Bath and dress and prepare for work or school

Spend your time doing whatever

Brunch or lunch

Then crunch time again

Come home

Tired, need to relax

Dinner time

Bed, blankets, and pillow

All over again

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For miles on end it stretched as it did

Everyone driving by

Passing by the scenery

Every single soul is in a hurry

No one slowing down

But just over yonder, near the countryside 

Is a place of sanctuary 
There the time is slow

Life is simpler 

No busy buzzing from the asphalt gray

Just good old dirt from the earth

The end of the road

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I’m Out Of Sorts

What day is it? 

What is the time?

Where am I at?

I’ve been busy just working that I’m all out of sorts

I may be a bit stressed out

I really think so

Because I’ve never been this messed up

I’ve never been this tired 

I’m all tied up, oh yes I think so

Otherwise I wouldn’t have been this messy

This out of sorts all week

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Fast Paced

Appreciate a rainbow, take time to be in awe
Stop for a moment, you’re getting too busy for your own good

No time to bask in the sunlight
Or dance in the rain
Always busy with something, take a seat
Have a breather
Slow down once in a while and enjoy the moments

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My Week

Monday is manic most people say
Others even think it’s traumatic unlike the rest of the days
I beg to differ as my days are different

Monday is slow
Almost nothing to do

Tuesday is in the rough
You wish you could do more

Wednesday is wicked
And not in a good way
Manic of all manics
I wouldn’t know where to start
Midweek madness as what I would say

Thursday drags on
So many things to do
Got to get things done

Friday comes along
This is the final stretch
Last day to finish all
Until next week begins once more

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I Got Busy, Sunshine

Good morning sunshine!

Apparently I miss you

I have been lost in Space

Caught up in Time

Fell head over heels

And swallowed my Pride


Glad to know I can still bask

Under your radiant hue

Despite being stuck under the cover of shadows

I will take pleasure of your glow

And will from now on take time being with you


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Running Time

tick tock says the clock

waiting for nothing and no one

always running, always counting

always on the move

never-resting nor stopping for anything

always busy

never-ending but seems to always run out

so much more yet not enough


often I wonder

if it ever pauses

to take a minute, take a moment

to enjoy what the Earth has to offer

to indulge and just breathe…….


sometimes I wish for Time to just take a stroll