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Worse Than A Broken Heart

I’m sorry she got mad at you
I’m sorry that made you feel blue
I know you love her
And your love for her is true

I only wanted a part of you
A part that loved me for who I am
The part that loves me
As a friend
I know I can only be your friend
And I’m fine with that
Because if we cease to be as such
That would be worse than any broken heart

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If He Came Across This Poem

I took a chance

I fell in love

He caught me with a glance

He’s the one I’m dreaming of

And when he looks at me

He sees right through

But doesn’t quite see

The kind of girl he sees in you


I’m kind of jealous ’cause I met him first

But I guess that doesn’t really count

It’s just I feel betrayed, I had him at his worst

But I guess it doesn’t add up to any amount

Where did I go wrong?

I often ask myself

I made it kind of obvious, as suggested by the song

Couldn’t he have felt it himself?


I’m loosing my mind

It’s time to let go

I have to leave it all behind

Because I am my own foe

If by chance he ever gets to read this

Which I highly doubt

It is not written out of bitterness, but out of sadness

And I guess tha’s all he needs to know

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He Broke My Heart Indirectly

He broke my heart

though it may have been indirectly

The waves came down

and I tumbled and fumbled

Though I braced myself for I was expecting it to come

The hurt is still unbearable

But I have cried many tears before

that I can’t pour out anymore


He broke my heart,

indirectly it may have been

Still a broken heart I have…..the pieces I have to pick up again

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Doesn’t notice, doesn’t mind

So why do I even bother?

Some people see the chemistry

The one that you never do.

Runaway or try to hide

There’s nothing else I can do

Been here before

Oh so many times!

I think I’ll get myself out

Before I drown again

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What Part of No

What part of no is so hard to understand?

Why can’t you let it go?

Don’t wait around, it’s a waste of time

It will only hurt you so

What part of no don’t you get?

It’s really plain and simple

Nothing good will come out from this

You’ll end up crying and your face full of pimples

What part of no would you want to be explained?

Let’s elaborate the situation, shall we?

You’ll end up with a broken heart again

Let him go, just let it be

What part of no is so wrong?

Why can’t I just let him go?

I know he will never be mine

He’s found a love that is true

What part of no makes me want him so?

His gentle smile, his jokes and tattoos

His charm, his presence, his warmth

A broken heart I will then choose

 I still long for him somehow

Touched by love and shot by cupid

My feelings for him still shows

I know it might sound stupid

He didn’t say no out loud, he didn’t have to

I read his mind, he’s actions said so

He wanted to ask, “what part of no..?”

Instead he just kept silent, which made me more blue