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Who Did You Love?

Before it broke who did you give it to?

Who was it that left it black and blue?

Who stole your precious heart,

Only to tear it apart?

Who was this person, whom you thought was the one?

Who was it that suddenly left, suddenly gone?

Who was it that you loved?

The one you gave the stars above?

Who was it that taught you a lesson?

That taught you to love, is all the right reason

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The Past

I wanted you but you didn’t

I wanted to hope but I couldn’t

I wanted love but lost it

You broke my heart.
I took the leap but you stayed behind

I gave my heart but you were unkind

I was hurt

But you didn’t care.
I was all that but that was before

Because now I have moved on.

©Maria Michaela

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I Was Once In Love During Christmas

That was once not so long ago
I was ready to jump my ship
I broke my walls
For the wrong person,
The wrong reason.

I did not know then
The next Christmas would be so different
It was better
I’ve learned

Got bruises to prove how I survived
Now, you have her and I am still by myself
But I wish you well
No bitterness for this Christmas
Because I remember,
I once fell in love during Christmas

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I’m Gone

I don’t want to look back anymore
I’m done
I’m tired
I want to be free
Free of you

Because from what I see
You’re free of me
Or perhaps, you never were into me to begin with

I cried, poured my heart out
Felt sorry for myself

But I never want to be bitter
And I never was or am
May you find happiness
The one I sought from you

So here I am
Stepping out to the sun
Hoping with all hopefulness
I move
Slowly I move away from you
Until finally
I’m gone

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We Broke

You broke my heart

But I guess I broke yours first


Without knowing, without thinking

I totally misunderstood

It hurt

A lot

But I guess you felt the same


Now we both move on

All that is in the past

I was too insensitive and read the signs wrong

Is it too late?

Am I too late?


Give me a chance

Let’s give us a chance

That we may mend what has not been broken yet

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He Broke My Heart Indirectly

He broke my heart

though it may have been indirectly

The waves came down

and I tumbled and fumbled

Though I braced myself for I was expecting it to come

The hurt is still unbearable

But I have cried many tears before

that I can’t pour out anymore


He broke my heart,

indirectly it may have been

Still a broken heart I have…..the pieces I have to pick up again

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The Unbroken

The battle goes on

outside and within oneself

The horrid fight, bombshells, gun fires

and a dagger through the heart

Piercing cries of the innocents

drown the tears of blood


Hear the cries of the people…

…of your people

Destruction at hand and devastation at its wake

But we all must remain strong

Steadfast and ready

We will be broken, mended and become the unbroken