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How She Dreamed

She dreamed wide awake

Dipped her toes on the warm sun

And let her hair dance on the night breeze

Bring Me Back

Oh I want to see the sea!

Hear the waves crashing

Feel the sand on my feet

Smell the warm sea breeze

Relax under the lovely sun in a place that’s almost like paradise

The sand between your toes
Standing by the edge of the water
Feeling the breeze kiss you softer
The life by the sea
Is calming for me

The evening was quite

It was silent
But the wind was howling
The clouds danced
The moon sang
The stars were in a chorus

Apart from that, the night was silent

Gone Wind

Where is the wind?
Everything is still
The wind ceased its dancing
No wind to caress my hair
The clouds, unmoving
Unable to travel far
The air is hot, suffocating me
I wait for a sign, a movement
But there is none

Maria Michaela

Where The Sea Is

The sea is calling
I hear it speaking
Singing sleepless nights

The sea breeze combing my hair
I fly away to paradise

I call out to the sea
Somewhere out there

Maria Michaela

Enjoy The Day

The leaves whisper through the breeze
I listen carefully
The day is there for me to seize
So I listen intently
I close my eyes and look up the sky
I feel the suns warmth
Birds chirping they slowly fly
Headed somewhere north
I take time and enjoy the moment
This is for me, for my enjoyment

Different Light

the tide….

the wave….

the ebb….

kisses the shore everytime

how lovely it is


the wind….

the breeze….

the air we breathe….

caressing our cheeks

and the leaves dance with happiness


see the world in a different light

it is wonderful

it is out of sight!

Perfect Night

wake them little stars up

open the windows towards the sun

face the palm trees and the meadows green

stretch towards the heavens high

the moon is prancing, dancing in the sky

the breeze softly comes by

clouds gather and race towards the horizon

slowly the temperature drops

as the cool wind arrives

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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