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The Idea

And on he went by telling me that he has fallen for me

I ask him why, what made him look my way

He says the mystery of me is a curious thing for him

So I say,

“You are not in love with me.

You are in love with the idea of me.

Of the what could be, what will be, what you and I could do,

Or would do. Of the idea that I could be it, the one, the lifetime.

You are in love with the future that has yet to unfold, which most girls might like


That is not what I see.

I see the now, the boy who has no idea of what he truly wants.

The boy aimlessly moving along and bringing along whatever he is attracted to.

I see a boy lost in the fairytales hoping the princess would come and save him from loneliness.

That is not what I want.

I want a man who can stand on his own

Who agrees to disagree with me

Whose idea is like and unlike my own and respects it

A man who battles with me, for me, and will stand by me

A man who has sense and intelligence and emotion.

You may not see the difference”, I said to him.

“Because you are a boy who still has yet to grasp the idea of what it is to be a man.”

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The Boy (Will Never Be Mine)

I’ve fallen for someone beyond my reach

I am non existent to him

I know better and should practice what I preach.

But how do you get over someone who was never yours?

The craziness within is slowly taking its course.

I sing his songs and see his face, imagining things that would never be

I know it is crazy,

I know this will go away……eventually

For now, I will let my imagination run wild until I am set free

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The Girl and The Boy

Like his feelings towards me
Like rain so fine you hardly notice

Like how stuck I am now that I have this something for him
I knew it was wrong from the start
I will wait until…

When she looks at me
To her I am ordinary, nothing special

For me to even have this feeling for her
Knowing she will never fall for someone like me
Many adore her, myself included
But I am just another familiar face in this desolate place

She makes me feel warm
And I can’t help but think there may be a chance
If only she waits until…

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Her True Nature

He thought he wanted her
Just because of how she looked
He could never fathom her
She would never give it away

She was a mystery
And she wanted to keep it that way
He kept on guessing
But he could never capture her true nature

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Story Of A Boy

He smiled the sweetest smile

He had the greatest mind

Admired by many and idolized

Yet a hurting secret is kept deep inside.


He appears the most out going,

The most cheerful person

Yet he longs for companionship

He longs the closeness, the love of a family

He hides the hurt hoping they’ll slowly go away


Somehow it leaks out

He can never hide it

With courage, real courage…

He faces them head on

Even if his future might be uncertain

He hopes to get through it all

Finally be able to bury the skeletons in his closet

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Give Out The Heart

the night was young and so was boy

as he waited for the fair full moon

he held his heart out for someone dear

but she was nowhere to be found

he waited ’til midnight yet girl

did not arrive


so boy went home with broken heart

despair and sorrow.

he then spoke to the stars and made

a promise

told them he would never fall

or give out his love

as they all cried in unison

one star fell from the sky

for it wanted to give its heart out for the boy

just like what it did so long before

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Hard To Get

I spy with my little eye a sparkle

Ignited by a feeling

Fueled by the emotion

An old school girl playing hard to get

Can’t you tell she likes you too?

She just doesn’t want you to see

Make a move, make your move

Or forever hold your tongue

For she will never tell

until you do

It seems you don’t understand

It’s hard for you to get that she wants you

to make the first move

So go on boy, MOVE!

I’m just waiting for you to finally get

what I mean

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He thinks he’s done enough

He pities himself, he’s tired of acting tough

He’s always prided himself of being the best

He’s done it all, he’s passed the test

But this one it seems, he cannot pass

It looks like Luck has him harassed

All his skills, his talents are of no use

He needs to make a decision, he was to choose

He’s planned it all but did none

He hasn’t gotten anything done

He’s not sure, he’s always lost for words

Whenever she’s near, he’s thoughts become backwards

He’s always been a bragger

But with her, he gets tongue-tied and stutters

He’s good at lying, making a foot to an acre

But wooing a girl, he’s mediocre

Silence falls on his lips

When he often is quick to quip

As she looks at him with those eyes

He’s at a loss again, to his surprise


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Peter (Neverland part 2)

He was my hero
He always saved the day
I wished he was my beau
But all was just a play
He didn’t feel like growing up
While I continue to fall for him
He held my hand as we flew up
We made a really great team
I see the man behind the boy
If only he would stop with these games
He just smiles and always play coy
Pretending it’s all so lame
I want to be his Wendy
The one to sweep him off his feet
If only he would let me
I’d take on a thousand fleet
 I’d fight Hook with him, side by side
 After which we’d fly away
Relax after the battle, feeling tired
Enjoy the rest of the day
He chose to stay, afraid of getting old
As a child, a boy, he’s carefree
Doesn’t want to be told
Nothing at all to worry
A decision I must make
A risk I’m willing to take
Should I stay or should I go?
Peter tell me, ’cause I’d like to know