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Peace In Me

When I finally let you go

I found peace of mind.

I found a peace within me where once there were numerous questions.

My tears have found peace

And most tears I cry now are for joy.

Where I used to have a knot for fear of not being with you,

I am now able to breathe easily.

I found peace the moment I let you go.

When I realised you were the chaos

I was able to appreciate the silence.

I am now at peace with myself

And you are now just a lesson on an old page in my book.

©Maria Michaela

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My Study Habit

Exam was coming and I had to study

Could not wait for a study buddy

Had to work hard to get good grades

Had to do this on my own, without anyone’s aid


So I took my book and flipped it open

But Math was too hard that I sat there frozen

I took the next book that I could find

Science was of no help to my confused mind

I tried History, but alas to my fears!

I was “this” close to tears


I gave up in trying to study

I think I’ll just wing it,

that would be a lot easier.

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Judge Me Not

like an open book you tore me open

bold enough to put highlights on my words

as if you comprehend what they mean

you read on without understanding

brain, empty as a drum


you see the cover page and instantly think

otherwise of knowing further

as if I have scales that hurt, you throw me aside

to be left in the dark corner

’til dust settles and covers me whole


my pages you rummaged, not careful of hurting me

you measure my capacity

by the thickness of the pages I hold


what do I hold?

what do I speak of?

have you even grasped the knowledge I shared?

the secrets I held?

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The Notebook

I kept my secret in a notebook

the one with papers of different kind

bound by hand

a gift from you


I wrote how much it meant to me

because it came from you

I wrote how I truly felt about you

how I see you as more than a friend


I divulged everything

and that notebook kept it safe

and it still does


now that I lost you to another

this notebook that you gave me

is my closest friend

and the secrets it holds will forever be

just there until the pages fade

and it’s lost to nothing but memories

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A Book

There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away,
Nor any coursers like a page
Of prancing poetry.
This traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of toll;
How frugal is the chariot
That bears a human soul!

-Emily Dickinson-

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Rough, old, battered and bruised

Crumpled, scratched and sometimes misused

Written, erased……forgotten by time

Going down in history, a mountainous climb

Beat up, worn out and torn apart

Mend it or break it, it’s written from the heart

The truth and the lies

All written in the pages of life

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A Book From Dr. Seuss

I read a book which I thought was funny

It’s a good book to read when the day is sunny

It is about a cat with a very silly hat

Who’s quite curious and loves to chat


He’s quite cheerful and also mischievous

He can be very annoying funny and oh so frivolous!

He can teach you that reading is fun

You’ll enjoy the ABC’s once he’s done 


Th cat also has a friend named Sam

His full name is Sam I am

He’s a persistent lad, I should let you know

He doesn’t easily take the answer “NO”


He’ll let you try green eggs and ham

He might even let you try it with jam

Perhaps a bit of delicious spam

On top of a tree or across a beaver dam


I had a good laugh reading the book

Until my little nephew, away with it he took

I’m sure he’ll love to read such a funny and wonderful book