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I jumped without looking

I gave it all without thinking

The consequences, I took them all

Even when he wouldn’t return my call

I poured it all, not knowing the difference between love and infatuation

I screamed my lungs out without hesitation

And my poor soul suffered from the complication

I ended up, my heart decapitated

Even when I knew it was for naught, I still expected

Half hoping

Half expecting

That’s what it felt like

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Do we not see the poison that is eating our world?

It’s slowly creeping up yet we refuse to see

We turn away and shun all the obvious reasons

Blinded are we


We choose to be blind

We choose not to see

We refuse to believe

that the world is dying

That society has gone mad

That we are poisoning ourselves

Killing ourselves

We are the cause of our own destruction

We choose to be blind

and blinded we will remain

When will we accept the truth?

the fact?

that we are on the brink of extinction

From the cruelty that we have spawned

From the evil of our ways

Unless we come accept

we will forever roam in the dark

continue to be blinded by the poison

we ourselves have all become