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At 30

She rejoices at being given the years

While most may equate age with fears.

She seems to walk with more flair

As if she’s dancing on air.

Her eyes of brown dance in the sun

A new age, a new decade, has begun.

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The Twinkle

The twinkle in her eyes was the most beautiful I’ve seen

The stars would be put to shame

All the love was poured on her

She didn’t know this yet

But she would feel it as she grows

Her twinkle, captured this heart of mine

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Birthday Candles

I turn around and see
I am twenty-eight today
I am twenty-eight today
Hooray for me!

It’s grand
It’s joyous
It’s heart warming
It tickles my soul

See, we only get to be one age at a time
Only for a year
So might as well celebrate it
Enjoy it while it lasts

And so I turn around and see
And realize how blessed I am to be
Twenty-eight, today

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Her Birthing Day

She graced the world with her keenness

Her alluring charms and smile

Those big brown eyes that pierce your soul

that sees you deep within

There is no hiding from her


She caressed the world and carried the load

even if it was too heavy

She never complained but gained strength everyday

A strong woman she is


On this day not long ago, the sun shone its brightest

and God placed his hand upon that little child

showering her with blessings

showering the whole world with her beauty


She gave light to me and my brothers

She gave life to the once dull evening

She’s worked so hard……too hard at times

On this day, I pray she is relaxed, relieved

stressed free

May she enjoy her special day

the day the world welcomed her