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Humming Bird

soft, sweet hummingbird flying with the breeze

took me by surprise it did

as it fluttered and whispered to my ear


I loved its freedom and the way it sang

while keeping busy to its task


colorful and wonderful

full of life and energy

I wish to fly and flutter free such as you


a wondrous creature

magnetic and enigmatic

I sure would like be just like it

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I Killed The Sparrow

I threw the stone and hit it

I didn’t mean to, I promise


I was merely playing when it suddenly flew by

It fell from the sky like a crashing airplane

And all I could do was stand there in shock


Poor little sparrow, I ended its life

But as soon as it saw the worm,

it took it and off it went again to the sky

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flying with broken wings

I want to fly above the sky at arms reach with the stars

yet here I am a wounded bird with a broken wing,

so I tuck in bed and cry


The crickets sing their melody, a love song and a lullaby

even with a broken antenna they can

but not me, not I


I yearn for the sun as it rises in the East

while all else seems to slumber away

I greet the sun a very good day

I long for the green fields and the smell of the ground

as the morning dew caresses the grass


So I spread my wings, although it still hurts

the wound has not healed yet ; it pains me still

But I leave the nest and prepare to take flight

as I jump…….

I feel freedom once again

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When A Silly Bird Came

a very silly bird came to me one day

and asked me when was the last time I prayed?

it caught me off guard for it had been a while

I did not know what to reply

I felt ashamed and forced a smile

but the silly bird chirped and asked again

I paused and tried to bargain

but he just went on and asked,

“When was the last time you prayed?”

I didn’t know what to say, Oh! I felt ashamed

because I haven’t prayed for long time

it’s awful! in itself such a crime!


the silly bird looked at me and sighed

it looked like he was about to cry,

so I said I prayed yesterday, but he knew I lied

he sat on my windowsill and patted my hand

apparently he wanted me to sit, not stand


he then told me this,

“Each day the Lord greets you with a kiss

he sends this through the breeze

He knows everything you do and have done,

including when you sneeze.

He listens to your ranting, ever so patient

He’s with you always and never absent.

He sends the sun to light up your day

all he asks in return is that you pray.

He knows you are tired

He knows when you’re sick

He knows when you tell the truth

and when you’re just rubbing cheek.

He hears your cry and rejoices with your laughter

He wants you to live with him,

happy ever after.

All he asks in return is you pray

and promise to never go astray.”


And with that, the silly bird flew out of my window

to the windowsill, I placed my elbow

I closed my eyes and clasped my hands

time to get out of this wasteland

I prayed that day like I never did before

I promised, to no longer ignore

I thanked God for sending the silly bird

and know that my prayers are heard