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My Best Friend, I’m In Love With

And I love him so

Just like how the song goes

Learning more about him everyday

Both taking it slow, both going out of our way

Because of changes, I don’t see him as often

But each passing day I am hopin’

We can get together, him and I

See him, having him look into my eyes

Talk about nothing

Talk about everything

Catch up with what’s what

And how life can be all that


I’m in love with our friendship

A loving and healthy relationship

And I am in love with him

I accept all that he is, even the darkest parts

I thank God for giving me the chance at this

Because my heart is no longer my own

It is wherever my friend is

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Bestest Best Friend

She was sunlight, I was the moon

Loved the rain but she likes it sunny

Things we liked and things we hated

Agreed to disagree

We made some compromise

Friends when we were young

And until we will grow old

Though not often we spend time

I know, not even the galaxy

can tear the friendship she and I share