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The Shapeless

Mold me like a clay in your hands

Change every shape of me

Tighten me

Loosen me

Adjust and do what you will

Remove what you think are imperfections

Beautify every inch

I bend

I fold

I adapt to change

For I am whole yet incomplete

I am full yet empty

I am the shapeless one

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Whatnots and whitwomps

Bend and break;  shiver or shake

Run and hide; the stars collide

Kiss and tell; does it ring a bell?

 Far and wide, can’t hide it inside

Smile and frown; it’s letting you down

Hope and faith; Will not separate

Laugh or cry but never say die

Everything’s a blur

Jibber, jabber; Eyes like a dagger

Strong and proud; Say it out loud

Heart to heart; That’s a good start

Listen, don’t talk; The flower and the stalk

This or that; Bit or bat?

Creme brulee or chocolate soufflé ?

Take your pick; Neither will make you sick

This poem does not make sense, I know

But then again, why not?