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Everyday Struggle

It blares

It buzzes

It rings

Oh! The sound that tells you to end your sleep.

Why must I part with my bed and pillows?

Oh yes, bills don’t pay on their own, unfortunately

So reluctantly I get up and ‘start the day’

©Maria Michaela

End of the Day

I took a cup of sunset and sipped it like coffee
Taking in the days labor and now feeling sleepy.
A pillow to keep company and to rest my tired head
Off to dreamland I go as I lay still in bed.

©Maria Michaela

Wake And Sleep

I woke up and saw it was raining

So I went back to bed and slept again

Time For Blankets

The sea of blankets is calling

The island of pillows await

The bed beyond is home for my tired body

The eyes drift…..slowly

Rain and My Bed

A trickle, slowly making its way to somewhere
Pitter patter of the rain falling on rooftops
The sound makes me curl up in bed even more
But no!
Sleep time is done
Time to get up and start another day

Bed, Bed Weather

I don’t want to get up
Not even to sit up
I want to lay in bed all day, if I have to
These rainy days wash away my blues
But I just want to stay in bed
Even if it’s just for today

Sounds Of Insomnia

The clock ticking sounds like
bells ringing
In the silent hour the slightest
sound can be heard.

I hear my head thumping
the ache is strong
My eyes want to sleep
but my brain, refuses to understand.

The nights come by and the days come about,
I still hear the clock ticking and my head
thumping along

A Sunday To Rest

A lazy Sunday, it is here
In bed I stay longer,
No work to worry about
Just taking the time
I sip coffee at noon
Because I can

Maria Michaela

Up All Night

Up all night and never bored

Rest, they say, is for the wicked

Sleep does not seem to reach me

It’s in a far off land

Well, at least for the moment

Time is running

Spent it staying up

Come morning the sun will shine

Is the time I will rest my eyes to sleep

My Friend, The Pillow

Pillow me this, pillow me that

Tell me where I am at?

Stuck in limbo in between worlds

Of being awake and of being asleep

Rest easy this tired head

Dream a lot and dream a little

The pillow is my friend

As these mine eyes close to sleep

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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Rishita Sanya

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