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It Must Be

It must be exhausting being you

Always on the spotlight

Never able to hide from the world.


It must be awful being you

Not able to decide for yourself, not really

Always being told what to do

Because that is the price you pay in exchange for the fame they give you.


It must be cruel in the world you’re living

Because no smile or kindness shows on you

It must be hard to pretend it’s all perfect

When deep down you’re struggling to breathe and break free.

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Let Me Be

Let me kiss you the way you’d want to

Let me hold you close

Let me not promise the world but to be there when the world ends

Let me be with you til the dawn breaks

Til the sun sets on us

Til we grow old and until our life is spent

Let me be…

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Would You Be My BF?

Would you be my sun,

the one that shines and greets my morning bright?

Would you be my clouds,

that shades me and hides me from sight?

Would you be my star,

the one that twinkles beautifully?

Would you be my moon,

that keeps me company nightly?

Would you be the one who loves and accepts me,

just as I am?

Would you be the one to hold me when I’m troubled

and keep me calm?

These I ask and would you answer

Let me know if you would be……


….my best friend

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Oh! To Be A Grown Up

I thought of growing up and getting old

as it’s the greatest thing ever or at least that’s what I’m told

You can get home late or drink and no one will scold

You can leave your clothes dirty and full of mold


These all seems fine and dandy

But I really don’t care much to grow-up yet

Like how I prefer chocolates than candy

and donuts over brandy

I also think it’s a bit funny

’cause daddy still gets told

by mommy all the time

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…And I Always Will Be

When time shows the age in your face

When your bones creak and youth has been a phase

I’ll take care of you

The same way as you took care of me


When the world makes you feel like ancient history

And puts you aside like worn out tapestry

I’ll be there to care of you

Just like you did for me


When all you do is reminisce of the past

The stories of old, some were too good to last

I’ll listen to each and every tale over and over again

The same way you listened to me before


I’ll be there for you

I’ll take care of you

I’m here for you

And I always will be