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Back On

Back on my feet

Legs, arms and hands

Smiling unnaturally

It’s been a while


Positivity, happiness and contentment

I seem to have forgotten

But I equate and balance it all

Worrying and jealousy only rot me inside


So, very slowly I get back on track

Back to where I was originally at

It’s been a while

A long while we have not talked

I missed you so

Been waiting for your return

The sun cried for days on end

Because you were not around

The moon cursed the night that you were gone

Now that you’ve come back

The light of day is brighter


So much better than before

I welcome you back

So glad you’re here once more

What have I done?

What have I become?

I’ve become too relaxed and let myself go

Have to stop this now and do what I have to do

I don’t want to go back to square one

I’ve gone this far, I’ve seen where I’ve gone

I’m going back on track

Hit the hay, hit the sack

Nothing can stand in my way but me

I’ll reach my weight goal,you’ll see


Back To Yesterday

Sometimes I do a rewind

Recall all things that happened

Try to solve the puzzle when I should enjoy the ride


Sometimes I go back to yesterday

Because today you seem so far

Because you confuse me

Because I’m trying to read the signs


I do not know what you really feel

Maybe I should just stop and let it all be

Maybe I should just take it all back

And keep it hidden somewhere far


But then you pull me back again

And I am at a loss


And so I go back to yesterday

Right when I gave my heart to you, willingly

And I’m content

Way Back Home

Hurry now child bring me back home

to where the weary and the old are

to where I rightfully belong


Hear the Indians cry and howl

hear the river sing

My home from far away is calling me to return

I hear the drum beats


I float away as the flute resounds

magnetic and majestic

Lay me to rest in my homeland

now at last in peace

Got Your Back

all it takes is a single smile to let the darkness melt

your heart is hurt, your body bruised

but giving up is not an option


the goal is there for you to aim

to dream and to hope for

a helping hand is all it takes

and I’ve got two reserved for you


I’ll help you out through thick and thin

I’ve always got your back

Looking Forward to Yesterday

when I close my eyes I see your face, it haunts me to this day

why can’t I seem to let you go?

why should I live in dismay?

I didn’t want to see you go but it seems

you didn’t want to stay

you turned your back as you said goodbye

what more could I say?

you’ve let me go when I still love you so

it’s so unbalanced; so painful

and you saying we can still be friends is not being helpful

my lips are cracked and they bleed and I’m hurt

while you are somewhere far away,

and all that’s left of you is a torn up shirt

through gritted teeth and freezing rain

I face this horrible pain

in time I know you’ll be nothing more but

part of my history

tomorrow may still be a mystery….to me

yet I can’t wait to look forward

to yesterday

(inspired by Mandy Moore’s song “Looking Forward to Looking Back”)

Sorry We’re Close

Got sugar and milk

and a sack filled with silk

Got some cream, wheat and jam

a potato, some lettuce and ham

I go on my shopping list

and realize there is one thing I missed

So I grab my bag and head straight for the mart

if only I can get the car to start

When I finally get to my destination,

I looked at the door and paused

I guess, I’ll have to come back tomorrow

as the sign said they were close

I’ve Got Your Back

When all of a sudden the world around you crumbles to the ground

Remember that I am here to cover you from the debris

When the storm is too strong, I am here to shelter you

When you are lonely and feeling down, I will comfort you

When you are lost and the dark has consumed you

I will be the light to help you find your way back

When people put you down or push you around

and give you a hard time

I’m here to pull you back up,

You’ve got nothing to worry

for I always have your back


Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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