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Go Easy

I don’t know if you’ve noticed
I’m not sure if you ever do
You brush me off
You avoid me
So I’m taking a step back
Holding it all in

I said to give it a year, didn’t I?
So I will
But I’ll hold off slowly
So if nothing happens, I can let you go easy

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I said yes
He said no
I’ll take it today
But not again tomorrow

I’ll take that as a hint
I’ll take it as a sign
That he is avoiding any time spent with me
So I’ll  live with it, maybe I will be fine

Whatever the reason may be
I know, he’s avoiding me

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The Polite Way

The polite way of saying no

Is to just say so

Rather than lie your way out

And cause someone to doubt


The polite way of telling someone you don’t like them

Is to not to avoid or condemn

But rather to say your part

Seems like a good start


The polite way to avoid a lie

Is to close your mouth and not to try

If you don’t want to admit or deny

Just smile and say “Why do you ask?”, as a reply


Whenever you find yourself in a situation

Try to think of the best solution

Think of what could be the most polite way

So as not to ruin your’s or anybody else’s day