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A mere mortal am I

In love with you, one who has god-like qualities.

Looks are not all I like, although it does add some interest

But you’re eloquence,

your charm,

your grace,

your being a gentle man,

your wit and love for reading

Is what captivated me the most.

How can one man be almost perfect?

Almost perfect because you lack half your heart

But I,

Yes, I!

I can make your heart whole

And we would be perfect together.

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Cup of Tea

I’m sorry I’m not your cup of tea.

I’m not the girl who basks in glory

Over make ups and filtered selfies,

Over feeding your hungry ego so you will like me.

I’m sorry if you think that the trend I follow

Is to go for boys who are shallow

Those whose pride they never swallow

And those who just sit and wallow.

Don’t think for a second that we’re meant to be

See, you’re not my cup of tea.

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so many….

like the fish in the sea or the leaves on a tree

admire you, are attracted to you


And I….

I cheer

I smile

I pretend


Then I wonder

if somehow you noticed

or are noticing

some signs perhaps?

does it show?


a pretender am I

and a good one at that

I hide reality and wrap myself around

the fake smile

though I long still for some attention


I know deep within

friendship is what you only offer


I still dream and wish that at least this once

at least this time

at least you

would ever take notice of me

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Like A Teen Once More

Why do I light up when I see you?

A smile I try to hide

Lately it’s been obvious, the way you stop and stare

The way you’d say “hello” or “hi”

I just know what it means


Though I can’t help but still doubt

If the way I read the signs is right

I can’t help but think I’m right

Crossing fingers, and hope that I am


Our greetings are now more frequent than before

Although not quite there yet

But this is better than before

I feel the butterflies again


I know it sounds a little cliché

a bit childish as well

But you’ve made me feel like

a teenager once again

Like you’re my first crush

Like I have not been on this ride before


The end may not be

As sweet as I would think it would be

None of it matters though

The journey I surely enjoyed

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Forgive my ignorance for I did not know

I acted like a woman when in truth I was but a girl

in search for myself


I had butterflies in my stomach and I could not understand

the way I felt, the pull, the tug

I was nauseated and my world spun out of control


Before I knew it, I fell to the ground

but softly, like being catch by pillows

I fell but you didn’t notice

You’ll never notice….how could you?


I wish I could understand and I wish you would too

at the end of the day

I see nothing but a photograph….

…of the man whom I’ve been attracted to