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Just My Imagination

It’s just me, I know

Creating scenarios in my head

Making up stories as if you ever notice me

I’m assuming, and I know that

But a girl can always dream.

I just thought I noticed something different

Some glances here and there

Or simply passing by where I can see you

Or maybe so you can see me?

But as the song goes, it’s just my imagination

Still, I gladly welcome my day dreams of you no matter how silly it is.

©Maria Michaela

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The silent type,

The rock n roller,

Its like some sort of hype
The simple single,

The stellar star,

They label you like a catchy jingle
He’s quite dashing,

She’s a head turner,

Someone’s romantic while the others charming
They put labels as if we’re some food product

But sometimes you can’t help

And label yourself too

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Used To

I got my hopes too high

A simple act of sweetness, amplified

I should have known he was just being friendly

Yet I took differently.

Poured out my heart, placed in my hand

Out for display

Waiting for another moment of sweetness.


But now I have learned to keep ot at a low

Now I’ve learned not to expect too much

Because I got used to the text of sweet nothings

Now I’m getting used to the friendliness it really entails