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Stop Asking Me

Stop asking what kind of guy I like,

Or what makes my heart skip like a lightning strike!

Stop asking about my ideals,

It’s looking a lot like these questions are serials.

Stop asking  me about who or what captures my heart,

Just keep it light as a start.

I’m tired with all the twenty questions,

That’s it for now, I’m through with any suggestions.

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Questioning The World

Oh dear world

What have I done to you?

Why do you do the things that you do to me?

Must I undergo this sudden change?

Does that mean I have to let go?

This is torment, this is torture

Even if I do not accept it

You force feed it to me anyway


Oh dear world

What other surprises do you have in store for me?

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The Question That I Wish You’d Ask

i wish you’d take time to be alone with me

to really get to know each other more

i wish you’d ask me out

not on a date but just to chill after a tiresome day

you make fun of me with the peers we have

i know it’s your way of being sweet

but oh how i wish it were true! that you’d make it come true

i wish you’d ask how i really feel about you, 

i wish you’d ask if what you’ve been thinking how i feel is true

i wish you’d ask the question, the one i’ve been dying for you to ask

i’ll gladly wait if i have to

i just pray you don’t ask that question to someone else

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The Question That You Didn’t Ask

i can’t blame you if you don’t feel the same way as i do

can’t blame you even if i really wanted to

you joke around and it’s so easy for you

because the feeling is not as mutual as i’d like to think it so

i’d leap at every opportunity to be with you

yet you easily turn me down

you flirt around a girl you find attractive

can’t do anything about it because you are not mine to own

you ask if i’m okay but that’s not what you should be asking

ask me if i’m jealous,

ask me if i’m hurt

because pretending to be okay is easy

but what i’ve been wanting to do is tell you the truth

all you have to do is ask the question that you didn’t