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Poets are mostly introverts

Whose emotions they pour over





They do not seek attention but would like the world to know they exist

We exist!


They see beauty in the sorrow

Turn ugly into pretty

They cry silently though

Their tears they turn to inspiration to others


They are dreamers

They are poets

Admiration From A Distance 

He’s not mine to call my own

To be with me and have long conversations with

He will always be a picture from a distance

Not mine to hold, just there to look at

It’s hard to keep emotions down but I have a good poker face

He will for always be my Mona Lisa from a far


I held the moon in my hands

And decorated my hair with the stars

Painted the clouds with the rainbow

Danced with the shooting star

I stare into the night sky

Contented with such work of art


I am but a blank space, fill me and I can be anything

or even everything

paint or draw or post photographs and your memories

use me to the extent of your potential

mold me, break me, erase your mistakes

and start all over again

write your thoughts and I become the most coveted speech

or your most prized possession

I can also be your downfall if you choose me to be

I can be the art in the gallery, admired by all

or misunderstood by many

your greatest creation or your deepest secret


I can be anything and everything……or nothing at all

do what you want, make use of the space

let your creativity run wild

or hold it back and nothing

many things can happen, it’s up to you to start

and do something

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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