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Dark And Bitter

Why so bitter?

Why so dark?

So they splash a little milk or creamer to add a bit of colour

But that just ruins it, doesn’t it?

The aroma, the realness, the pureness

That’s what it’s all about.

So no, I say no to the sweetness of sugar

And no the any creaminess

You see,

I like it dark and bitter.

©Maria Michaela


Ever since trying intermittent fasting, I’ve been into dark coffee. Been used to creamer and sugar that it took quite a while for me to get used to the pure bitterness of it. Now, I can’t get enough of it and prefer coffee as it is. How do you like your coffee? Or are you more a tea person?

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Coffee as it is…

coffee as it is, is like immortality

vagueness of the bitterness and after taste

that caught thy tongue

in a loop of addiction

ever so often you want to stop

but find yourself starting again


it’s aroma and darkness of texture

invites your senses to a playful symphony

a kaleidoscopic attraction

that tingles and makes your mouth water

scorches the heart into a halt

yet you come back for more