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For I Am

I look up and I realize

How insignificant I am

Nothing but a small dot

Nothing but another face

I try to be heard

But I am only a little voice

Afraid to speak up

But longing to be heard


I look up and I realize

The world is such a big place

That if I were to disappear, it would not make a difference

I am nothing

I am just as I am

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Whatever I Am

I do not see me

I do not see my face

I see what people tell me to be

and I feel shackled, kept in prison am I


I see only fog, a face but not mine

I do not know who I am……..



I don’t know what to make of me

I often wonder… I still me?

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I’m Thankful For Yesterday

Yesterday is a day that you can never prepare for

It is a day that can never be erased or removed or deleted

One that you can never go back to

except only in memory

Yesterday was not perfect, as all days are not

Things may not have gone well

But, what else is new?

It may have been a wonderful day

Or the most awful one yet

No matter what it might have been

one thing is for certain

You survived that day and you’ll continue on

The task may seem too much

But look back on your yesterday and see

what you have accomplished; you made it this far

Be glad for you are able to recount your yesterday

as it molds your future

Let yesterday be your constant guide

as you move on for today and tomorrow

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For I Am Unique

I do not wish to dwell in sadness

as I am a happy person,

I always have been

Lately though, I’ve been aware

of my own faults

and my self-esteem is not as keen

I drag myself into the wasteland

of hypocrites and parasites

who wish to pull me down

I let them do their job

as I plummet to darkness

they laugh at me as if I’m a clown

The worst part is I let them

make a fool of me

I don’t even bother

Don’t even struggle to fight

I just let them be

as they slowly conquer

Why do I let them dictate me?

my life, and who I am

they only bring me sorrow

I refuse to chain myself to

this so-called commonality

I refuse to be shut down, to be narrowed

There is nothing wrong with me

nothing, needs to be changed

or improved

I do not need to be compared

for I am unique

I refuse to be moved

Commercials do not define me

cannot change me

or fool me

Commercials are just lies

to try to define me

I refuse, I rebel

they can’t hold me down