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That’s How I Loved Him

With every strand of hair I have on my head

With every blink of my eyes

With every subtle smile and silent laugh

With every sunrise and moonrise

With everything in me

That’s how it was

That’s how I loved him

All For Naught

It was hopeless

Nothing was going right

So I raised my hands in surrender

And just let it go

All For You

For me and not anyone else

For you and whatever it takes

I will climb mountains 

Ride the shooting star

All for you dear parents

I’d go the distance, no matter how far

Never Could Have

She shuts off any man who reads her wrong
She’s easy to please yet hard at times
Depending if you have her good side
She is sweet yet sour
She is moody yet stable
She is all you want
But never could have

Fall Up In The Air

I’m up in the air

And then I go down, down

I am way up there

I try to pull myself together

Although at times it shows

The seam shows and I can’t help but fall all over again

End It All

Time and time I fall into a trap

Trap, fall each time I see and feel your presence

I want to remove these shackles

I do not want to be bitter

I just want to end this all now

I guess that’s all we are

That’s all we ever will be

You’ve made it clear so many times

So now I know

I know my place

And there I’ll be

Until you want to find me again

Living It All Up

The adventure of a lifetime awaits

Stop holding on to fear

And start really living


Live not just for the joy

Live for the entirety of it

The moment is seized and kept locked

In memory


Watch the world move

Move to its beat

Oh the joy!

Of truly living

Up All Night

Up all night and never bored

Rest, they say, is for the wicked

Sleep does not seem to reach me

It’s in a far off land

Well, at least for the moment

Time is running

Spent it staying up

Come morning the sun will shine

Is the time I will rest my eyes to sleep

All For A Friend

I took the rain and poured it in a cup

Hid the stars from the night sky

Grabbed the moon and kept it in a box

Stored it on a dry cool place


I then released all the beauty in your room

all for my friend whom I care most


Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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Rishita Sanya

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