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I look around and see smog

Dirt, dirty

I can hardly breathe


Fresh air! But where?

What have we done?

Walk On Air

She had grace and beauty

Always sweet and never naughty

She see!ed fancy and had flair

But never boastful or conceited….

….Still, it seemed she walked on air

Up Here

The air is good up here




Lost Out There

Get lost!

Feel the fresh air
Let it touch your hair
Your fair brown eyes so fair
Let it roam over grasslands grand
Take time to stop.



Haze in my eyes and I can hardly see
Air is tight and no proper air around me
Foggy skies block the warm sun
My happiness slowly seizing
It might soon be gone

Haze in my eyes
The beauty of the city is hidden
Air I breathe….

Maria Michaela

Gone Wind

Where is the wind?
Everything is still
The wind ceased its dancing
No wind to caress my hair
The clouds, unmoving
Unable to travel far
The air is hot, suffocating me
I wait for a sign, a movement
But there is none

Maria Michaela

Fall Up In The Air

I’m up in the air

And then I go down, down

I am way up there

I try to pull myself together

Although at times it shows

The seam shows and I can’t help but fall all over again

Out Of Thin Air

many thought it magic when the clouds poured out rain

when the wind sang a song

when the birds built their homes


but I knew…

like you and I they were made by an Almighty being

and did not come out of thin air

Hold Your Breath

in that moment that your fighting with all your might

mustering all your strength and giving it all you’ve got

in that moment, that split second

thoughts flood your mind ; everything is rushing through your veins

faster than the speed of sound

your surroundings becomes a blur

and in that moment you’re about to lose control

but your blood is pumping, heart is raising

adrenaline is over the top

and in the last moments you hold your breath and hold your head high

you’ve won! and it was worth the fight, the struggle

the scars are worth it

for you’ve won the battle

Ang Tabanog (The Kite)

Taas ang lupad sa tabanog

Gitayhop sa kusog nga hangin

Pataas ug pataas

Nagpalayo sa yuta..ang tabanog

Gituboy sa hangin aron layo ug maabtan

Ug aron makab-ot ang ganahan maabtan

Tayhopi, pataas, palayo

Padulong sa langit, nagtan-aw sa yuta

Giduyog, gidapit, gihangad

Ang tabanog milupad

Sa tabang sa hangin ug sa bata

Nga nagbantay aron dili mahisalaag

Ug aron dili masangit

Aron pag abot sa yuta dili mabali

Para sa paglupad napud sa ugma umaabot


Up in the sky, the kite soars high

away from the wicked world

Higher and higher it goes

helped by the srong wind

It soars to the sky

To reach the sky, its goal

and it’s purpose, it’s dream

The kite soars with the help of the mighty wind

and the little child, patiently waiting

Making sure it won’t get stuck

On a tree or a line

So it may fly again….tomorrow

unbolt me

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Rishita Sanya

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