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Bookshelf on the Pillows

books lined up all ready to be read

the sensation of seeing all of them lined up

brings curiosity and a small grin curls up the mouth

which one, which one?

which one to read first?

adventure or mystery or sci-fi?

maybe non fiction? how about fairytale?

my eyes are glued to the beauty the shelf holds

my fingers anticipate, as if drooling

I pick one and curl up , snuggle in

Tonight, I’ll be sleeping with this book in hand


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wHaT WiLL i DiScOvEr ToDaY?

I am a little child, a small thing in a big world

My mind is precious, my imagination great

One moment I’m a pirate, sailing the seven seas

Searching for buried treasure

Next I’m a fire fighter, saving a kitten from a burning building


I am little yet I hold the world at the palm of my hands

The world is my stage, I can be anyone I like

I can go wherever I want, without leaving my room

Travel across the universe and return before bedtime

My happiness is simple, I don’t need extravagant things

I am easily contented and I love to laugh


I now know that frogs don’t fly, because they went splat

when I threw them in the air

I know that cats meow and dogs chase them

Birds chirp and fly and eat squirmy worms

And mom gets angry when I play with mud


Playing is what adults see, but it’s an adventure for me

Scabs and wounds may fill my body

But lessons I learn that broaden my knowledge

I am a little child, a small thing in a big world

I wonder what I will discover today?

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The Traveller

One step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand

go here then there over the ocean

start slow then fast, walk then run and hop and jump

From the sea to the mountains

 to the plains then the city and back again

one step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand

So far away from home yet

…still close to home at the same time

to see the rainbow, the river and the stream

to see the busy streets…

the cafe, the pubs and towering buildings

To be lost in serenity and be found again

in excitement

one step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand

Ride a boat or a plane

fly through the air in a hot air ballon

ride a bike or swim…just carefree

Stroll or hike or climb then take a rest

under the warm sunshine

hide under the desert rain

…come out of the melting snow

The never ending travel,

the never ending adventure

one step, two step…becomes a hundred then a thousand

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The Old Bridge

Cross the old bridge did she, unmindful of the heavy rain

‘Twas a night like no other you see, for fate was with her and glory to gain

For the land was plagued with a terrible thing,

As horrid as what’s written on The Lord of The Rings

The beats must be stopped, it must be beaten

Its head must be chopped, for thousands it has eaten

Something lurks behind the shadows, catching up to her as she runs

Suddenly, as if like rain, thousands of arrows; the mission has officially begun

She stops and spins around, took out the shield of golden

Ducks and covers, hits the ground; the legendary shield of magic beholden

(to be continued…)