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Rabbit Hole

Down I go





With no idea of what lies ahead, this will be an adventure.

-Maria Michaela-

The Journey

How far will I go?

How far? I will never know.
To the ends of the earth or farther

Until the end of time or longer.

In search for whatever

In search for the better.

Asleep With The Moon

Tonight I will be at the cosmos

I will watch the Earth from afar

I will wander the galaxy

And have adventures with the astronauts
Tonight, I will float as I fall asleep with the moon

Wide Eyed And Wonderful 

Curious with the world

Always in search of adventure 

Hear it speak of adventures
Of sailors lost at sea
And the one’s who conquered it.

It rushes
And sometimes it stays still
Sleeping, waiting

The Traveller’s Travel

Great was the horizon
The sun peaked ahead
This was no dream
Happening inside his head
It was real
He walked further and saw the view himself
It took his breath away
He looked back, only to see how far he’s wandered
He smiled knowing…
This is what he wanted all along

I Left (One Fine Day)

I took off my shoes
And caught the train
To forget the woes
And to feel the rain

I wiggled my toes
They danced not in vain
For happiness crept my nose
And it too took part of the gain

I threw off my worries
While skipping and gliding along
I was starting to write my own stories
So to fear I said, “so long”

I was free as the air, as the clouds and the sky
To sadness I said goodbye
I was off to nowhere
And I’m glad that, that has gotten me somewhere


I want adventure!
Climb mountains high
Trek and cross rivers
Swim and have fun

I want adventure!

View From Somewhere

It blooms ever so tender
And I am completely amazed
I stand still at how majestic the view from here is
And I know I have found my place

The Land Far Away

engulfed by the darkness creeping beneath the sun

all the pastures grand

became nothing but tombstones

I rest my head ‘neath the scorching land

of far, far away


beyond the yellow stepping-stones

the color of the pale moon shines

it lights the path of the broken street

I walk without noise under the sky

of far, far away


the snowy ice melts through my skin

cutting deep the veins of old

no warmth or fire in this forsaken place

I shiver through the night

of far, far away


the river of mud does not help at all

strangers beware for the siren calls its water home

many souls lost in time with the tide

as I make my way out

of far, far away

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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