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I Confess

There is something that I must confess

A feeling that has been kept within

Towards you

Within me.

Do not be alarmed

I’m not in love with you

I just wanted to admit,

It was I who broke the wind

Angkon (Admit)

Kung mo angkon ko,
Mo angkon pud kaha ka?
Angkona nga ako imo gipangga
Kay ako pud angkunon nga akong kasing-kasing naa na sa imoha

If I admit,
Will you admit too?
Admit that you love me
And I’ll admit that my heart is yours

Maria Michaela

Admit It

People have been asking

People have been wondering

While I have been avoiding

And most often, denying

I can’t say and perhaps afraid to admit

That the paper is done and I have to submit

And the truth is, they are right

I need to stop being too uptight


Time for me to admit what has been so obvious

I have to stop being dubious

Yes! I think I am in love!

Love to love you.


Although I still hold back

I know the truth of where I’m at

Now I wait for you to spill the beans

Tell me you care for me more than you would your favorite jeans

I pray you’ll admit soon that you feel the same way as I do

Because yes, I admit, I have fallen in love with you

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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