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Swing By

I see you pass by and often it’s not accidental,

I purposely wait until you come along and yes, it’s not coincidental.

But I’m not the only one crushing on you,

Others go out of their way for you too.

You’re well admired for your character and charm,

And that smile! Oh, makes me feel warm.

So as you go on with your routine,

I wait for you to swing by while I sip some caffeine.

From Afar

I loved him from afar

Tracing his features, drawing it in the air.

I took note of those gorgeous eyes that at one moment can be so calm

And the next, might spell trouble.

His natural smile and contagious laugh that instantly makes everything fine.

His hair, rugged or kept, makes him no less handsome.


And then there’s his voice

Smooth, soothing, calm, gentle.

Oh that voice!

I love the way he talks too.

Intelligent, friendly, sometimes awkward

But always a gentleman when he speaks.

Never wanting to hurt or say something bad to others.


He is the complete package as others would often say

For me, he is a man straight out of a romantic novel I’ve read sometime before.

And though I can only love him from afar,

I know this feeling is anything but fiction.

The stars don’t fall far from the sky

The moon doesn’t eclipse the sun often

I drown on three feet of water

Knowing very well that he is

And will be

The love that I could never have

Admiration From A Distance 

He’s not mine to call my own

To be with me and have long conversations with

He will always be a picture from a distance

Not mine to hold, just there to look at

It’s hard to keep emotions down but I have a good poker face

He will for always be my Mona Lisa from a far


You came into my life when I needed to lean on someone
Helped me in ways I never thought of
Truly I am grateful to have you

I am in love with the thought of you and I as friends
We need not be romantic
And I need not any other reason

It’s Happening

It’s nothing but a crush
Just an admiration
But when proximity and intimacy get the best of you
You start to fall
And it’s not always a good thing

When You Tease

I avoided the conversation,

Denied myself

And tried not to give in

I kept holding back

And told them nothing

I kept mum

Silent as a whisper

But then you started to tease

And I can’t help but loosen my grip

Don’t tease me and make me fall for nothing

Because I’m ready to give you my all

Something Sweet

It may just be me or a trick of the light

But there seems to be fondness,

His eyes full of delight

Whenever he looks my way

It may be nothing, I may just be imagining

Maybe I’m just blinded

by the fact that I like him

But then he’s never had that look on me before

He steals a glance, or so I think

I sense he’s looking my way

Or I could just be paranoid

A hint of jealousy, at least that’s what I see

When he sees me around this other guy

A friend of mine, a very good one

Seems like he’s cautious with him

This game we play can be tiresome at times

But silly me thinks there’s something sweet about it

We play this hide and seek, ’til we run out

of excuses to hide

I hope that day would come, sooner than later

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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