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Another Blog

Hello earthlings!

I’ve started a new blog which is different from this one. If you like to read scary stories or would like to show some support, I’d appreciate it if you could like, share and follow my new blog. If you have scary stories you’d like to share, please do check out my new blog.

Thank you for your time.

Here’s the link:

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An Update

Hello #earthlings!

This isn’t a poem or a prose, obviously. But in case your not using your mobile to view this blog, you’ll notice a latest addition to this blog.

On the lower left of the main page, you’ll see posts from my Instagram page. So, in case you haven’t yet, you can also follow me on Instagram as @mikayladirat.

Thank you all for your support of this blog.

PS. I’m also working on something else. I might release it as a page, separate from the main poems and prose. I’m working on finalizing it soon. 😉😘

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New Blog Name, Same Old Blog

Hey earthlings!

For those who have followed this blog since…well since, I’ve finally changed the name! It took a while and I didn’t even want to change it at first. I had to though since I won’t be able to post everyday anymore.

Honestly, it felt weird at first that I wasn’t posting here daily. It still feels weird at times.

Back to the blog name. I know the new blog name is a little long. I feel, however, that it’s just right since apart from poems, I do tend to post some prose and some other knick knacks.

Hope you continue to support this blog that’s been going on for 6 years and 4 months now.

See you on the blogsphere!

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Out Sick

Hey folks. Sorry about the no post for the past two days. It wasn’t intentional, I was sick. Had to be absent at work (not that I mind shh), and I just didn’t have the energy to do anything.

I’ll make it up soon. Love y’all!

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His Point Of View (Her Blue Dress)

Her and that blue dress

Made me look like such a mess

I’d fallen for her, who would’ve guessed?

I wouldn’t have noticed her at first but now I’m stressed

Because she walks by

As she smiles and says “hi”

But now I’m just another guy

She loves someone else now, not I

And if I had known at that time that I’d feel the same

I wouldn’t have played her on this game

Now I am put to shame

As she walks on by calling his name