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Last Day of 31st

Dear self,

This will be your last day of being thirty-one.

You can never go back to it but you can always look back to the lessons learned along the way.

Enjoy your last day of being this old or young….however you prefer to see it.

As the song goes, I’m thirty-three for a moment

In this case, you’re thirty-one for a moment and before you know it, you’re a year older.

Moments can go by fast.

Remember, not everyone gets to be this old so be proud of it.

As you move forward, may you slowly let go of the fears that are holding you back.

Let that self love grow

Continue to work on that self-esteem and never give up

Accept rejection and failure

See the lesson in them and also seek the lesson in every success.

May the last day of being a thirty-one year young be a fruitful one.

Cheers to you!

©Maria Michaela

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Dragonfly – Rare Photo

Photo taken by my friend Kenzo.

Hello earthlings!

I’ve posted before a poetry about Dragonflies (see post here) and a more recent one titled Fireflies and Dragonflies (see post here) so when I was scrolling through my Facebook feeds and came upon this photo, I was so ecstatic!

It’s not easy to find dragonflies these days, specially where I live since it’s all houses. I got my friend’s permission to grab the photo and post it here. I just thought of sharing it with you all.

You can checkout and follow Kenzo on Instagram. Check his profile here.

Have a good day or night everyone!

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The Old World

I don’t miss waking up early to get to work

But I miss going to work and seeing workmates who are now like family.

I don’t miss the traffic and the time spent confined in a jeepney for many hours just to get home

But I miss being able to go out anywhere at almost any time.

I don’t miss the over crowded places

But I miss the crowd of friends and families getting together.

I definitely don’t miss the pollution and would prefer going out to inhale a fresher air.

That was the old world,

Just some months ago.

©Maria Michaela

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Mama used her younger years raising her kids

She woke up early and slept late

When she got sick, she took care of herself.

She somehow always kept the house clean, despite three children growing almost at the same time

When she found time, she sang

And she had such a beautiful voice

I loved how mama sang.

Mama is older now

Her confidence sometimes falters

So I remind her of her strength and how much I admire her.

She gets tired easily now

So I try to let her rest as much as possible.

Mama still has a lot of her funny side though

And for that, I am always thankful for.

©Maria Michaela

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No Going Back

As much as we would like

Even if we wanted to

There is no going back to what the world was once before the chaos of this illness.

No going back to ordinarily giving someone a hug

Or a high five

Or a hand shake

Or simply standing or sitting next to someone

Distance is and will be the new norm.

There is no going back to what the world once was.

©Maria Michaela

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This Sickness

Some say that Mother Nature got fed up and released this sickness so it can heal
That we are the virus it is trying to get rid of

Some say this sickness is a conspiracy
A plot of one country to rule the world (world domination!)

But what is sure is that…
This sickness is awful
This sickness is scary
And if you’re not scared of it, you might want to think again

©Maria Michaela

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Alone – A Short Poetry

She was alone but didn’t feel lonely

Until they told her that she was empty

©Maria Michaela


I’m trying to start these short and simple poetry. I’ll write more of these in the future. Can’t come up with a title of this. Anyone who has ideas for a good title?

Edit: Okay. So changed the title from Short Poetry (1) to Alone as suggested by @judeitakali. – Thanks a bunch! 🌹

You may check his page via the link below.