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The Kiss

He held her hand gently and she looked up to him
His heart was beating fast
Scared that she may run away from him
His blue eyes met her brown eyes
She’s seen them so many times but something was different tonight

He slowly leaned in then stopped
“May I kiss you?”, He asked
All she could do was nod

The world melted away as they kissed passionately
It was the sweetest one she ever had

© Maria Michaela

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With Family

Food is sweeter when shared with family

Laughter is more easy when around family

There is a certain warmth, when you’re with your family

© Maria Michaela

I got really busy today but it was topped off with a good time with my family. One of my niece celebrated her 10th birthday today. We also remembered my grandparent’s wedding anniversary (remembered since my grandma has long since passed away) and of course a belated celebration for my grandpa’s birthday and my younger brother’s graduation.

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Running Late

Like the rabbit that Alice followed
He ran like his life depended on it
Traffic was heavy
So on foot he went
Running through alleyways
Dodging people like Neo from The Matrix
He reached a corner and checked his watch
Time was not in his favor

He ran like Usain Bolt
Faster than the Flash
He was sweating and panting but was on time to see his mother arrive

© Maria Michaela

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Getting To Know

I’d like to get to know you

You’d like to get to know me

We start it off with coffee

To chase away the blues

Both of us hoping that you and me,

in the future will share more coffee

© Maria Michaela

I’m drinking coffee as I write this. I’m still in the hospital with a bit of down time. Hey, how’s your Monday?

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Keys To His Happiness

He couldn’t win me with his words

for they were empty

I could tell he’d jump at every chance

because he was feeling lonely

But I can’t be held accountable

for someone elses happiness

I cannot fill whatever void he has

or fill his emptiness

He has to understand that the key to his happiness,

is himself

© Maria Michaela

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A Stranger and Me

The eyes of a stranger looked back at me
No longer recognizing the love that used to be

The eyes of a stranger, full of questions
No longer recognizing definitions

It’s like one of us is speaking in tongues
I can’t breathe, no air in my lungs

We used to think we were both the one
Now we’ve both lost, neither has won

The eyes of a stranger blinked away the tears
We’ve reached the end, which is what we feared

© Maria Michaela

Art by Srabon Arafat

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Your Daily Reason

I want to be your sunrise
and the reason you love waking up in the morning
Or to be your moonrise
while enjoying the quiet of the evening

I’d like to be your sunset
and your reason to hurry back home
Or to be your dawn
enjoying a coffee or two

A lingering thought
one that’s hard to forget

I don’t want to be just a memory
I want to be your constant
I want to be your daily reason

© Maria Michaela

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Seasons Change

I met you when the flowers were blooming
Spring was just slowly coming
I didn’t give you a second thought that time
Later on I would realise that was a crime

Then slowly our friendship grew
As the leaves were growing anew
We’ve become really close friends
Doing lots of mischief to no end

Summer came, the weather hot
And then you said I’m the bestest friend you’ve got
I took that to heart and made a vow
I’d be your friend from here on now

And when the leaves began to fall
It was then, you said it all
The feeling of autumn filled your soul
To win my heart, was your goal

This caught me off guard
To you I have the utmost regard
But friendship was all that I could give
This news, you weren’t too happy to receive

When winter came your coldness grew
All I did was be honest with you
I had hoped our friendship would win
And that to bitterness you wouldn’t give in

Once again, it was spring
The birds all joyous, happily sing
But you kept away from me
And so ends what would have been a great story.

© Maria Michaela

Featured image from Lauren Thomas via Pinterest

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Over The Moon

Over the moon

Yet beneath the stars

Through ocean blue eyes

And warm hugs

I feel a deep sense of love

One that I haven’t felt before

© Maria Michaela

I’ve shared a poem with the same title long ago, but I didn’t write it. It was written by Maggie Mae. She was the very first one who liked and followed this blog those many moons ago.

I’ve shared the post through here if any of you care to check. You can check the original post through Maggie’s page here. She hasn’t posted anything in a while but you might want to check her previous works. 🙂