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The Kiss

He held her hand gently and she looked up to him
His heart was beating fast
Scared that she may run away from him
His blue eyes met her brown eyes
She’s seen them so many times but something was different tonight

He slowly leaned in then stopped
“May I kiss you?”, He asked
All she could do was nod

The world melted away as they kissed passionately
It was the sweetest one she ever had

© Maria Michaela

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Smells Like Home

She smelled of apples and blossoming tulips
Of cinnamon baked with the most hearty bread
She smelled of vanilla, the most luscious kind
And like freshly brewed coffee
She smelled of all the good things he knew of
But most especially, she smelled like home

© Maria Michaela

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Getting To Know

I’d like to get to know you

You’d like to get to know me

We start it off with coffee

To chase away the blues

Both of us hoping that you and me,

in the future will share more coffee

© Maria Michaela

I’m drinking coffee as I write this. I’m still in the hospital with a bit of down time. Hey, how’s your Monday?

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Love Letters To Christopher (5)

Dear Christopher,

I’m finding the needed peace
Happy to have been part of a chapter in your life
It used to hurt, I used to ache
But time has made it easy
I’ve dedicated songs and made poetries for you
Most of them long gone

I may have been that silly girl, hurt by her first rejection
But I have accepted the lesson and have become a better woman now

Christopher, I’ve found the peace I didn’t know I was searching for
I thought I lost it because of you
Turns out I found it, because of you

© Maria Michaela

This is the last for this series of love letters. I think the 4th is my favourite. I enjoyed writing these letters. I hope you enjoyed reading them too. To close this off, here’s a song to go with this post.

This is Lea Salonga’s version. The original one is from Joey Albert. Fun fact, Lea Salonga is the singing voice of Princess Jasmine and Mulan from the Disney animated version.

PS. I hope you followed this love letters series and if so, I hope you noticed how the featured image shows the writer changing, somewhat growing up as the letters progress.

PPS. My eyes are hurting so I’m resting them tonight. I won’t be able to respond right away. I’ll be reading posts tomorrow as well.

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Love Letters To Christopher (4)

Dear Christopher,

I’m watching the stars tonight
Praying that you’re doing alright
Wherever you may be
May you learn to be truly happy

I blew a kiss to the wind
To shower you with blessings of no end
I pray you find a love that’s true
One meant solely for you

I hope you continue to feed your great mind
And that you stay humble and kind
I thank you for the lessons
You will always have my admiration

If someday we cross paths
I hope you smile back to me, at last
I hope you call my name and say,
“Hey friend! I hope you’ve been okay”.

© Maria Michaela

Hi folks! I’m going on a short vacation and may not have internet coverage where I’m going. I have scheduled to publish this post and the posts that are coming up, so if you leave a comment I may not be able to respond until after a couple of days.

I’ll catch up on reading your posts too once I get back. For now, I’ll be enjoying a bit of summer. Cheers! ☺️